Content Strategy & Social Media

What is content?

You’ve probably heard you need to do ‘something’ with content, but what exactly is content? To me it is:

  • Creating valuable, effective and relevant stories, to attract, acquire and engage your target group.

What can I do for you?

With a love for text and a strong allergy to complicated sentences, I help brands and entrepreneurs to develop a content strategy, plus the actual content. For every brand: from chocolate makers to real estate, and from hotels to telecom providers. Because you all want your audience to know you, but they won’t buy your product or use your service until they like and trust you. That is what good content can do. You can reach your target group without yelling. After all, do you like to be yelled at? No. You are more likely to go back to the person who gave you great, free, advice on how to use your new juicing machine, or tips on hair styling, without trying to sell anything. With good content – online or offline – you create trust, and yes, that ultimately leads to more conversion.

I can help you with:

  • Developing a content strategy – social platforms, tone of voice, content calendar
  • Create content – blogs, photos, video scripts
  • SEO advise and optimization
  • Branded journalism – articles and stories
  • Social media advertising

I currently work for:

  • Uitgelicht – the blog of, the biggest online retailer in the Benelux:
  • KPMG – internal video campaign
  • Prénatal – Everything for you and your baby – blogs, app, social media, print magazine
  • Neuhaus Chocolate – lead copy in English
  • Simyo – Sim Only telecom provider, voted the best provider 11 times in the Netherlands – blogs
  • Safarilicious – English text for safari destinations and accommodation in South Africa

My print stories have been published before in:

  • Elle Eten
  • Het Parool
  • Bouillon Magazine
  • Food Inspiration

Do you want to start creating amazing content? Let’s talk.

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