Culinary Journalist – Sanny Visser

Sometimes I wish to have the manners of a French madame. She eats an éclair without ending up with greasy spots on her dress, dabs her perfectly red colored lips and continues here journey with an elegant poise.

Unfortunately, I prefer to eat with my hands and it won’t be rewarded with a ‘refinery award’ any time soon. There is simply no control. This has everything to do with my unstoppable eagerness to new places, flavors and stories. Not the stories about a new hot spot, the El Bulli’s of this world or #healthy food. No, I’d rather stick my nose in a steaming wok of a Chinese taxi-driver, dive into the smokehouse of a barbecue joint in Lexington, or table with cooking grandpa’s and grandma’s. The result: oily hands, a messy notepad and as many tastings as possible.

After that (and washing my hands) I write a story about it, and take pictures if desired. For (Dutch) magazine and newspapers. Check out my latest projects below and on my LinkedIn profile.

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