Magazines, newspapers, the back of a cereal box, a shampoo bottle – I read it all. And I don’t just read it, I analyze it too. What words are they using? Who are they trying to reach? Does it work? Words can hit you like the sudden heat from an oven door, but they can also leave you ice cold.

Personally, I like the straightforward approach. It might have something to do with my Dutch roots, or my somewhat serious obsession for the simplicity of black and white stripes, but let’s cut to the chase.

With this approach, I help brands with their content strategy and copywriting (in English and Dutch). So they can reach their target group without yelling to them, but by offering relevant content.

I also have a never ending curiosity for people, and a love for magazines and newspapers (yes, those made of Real Paper – you can’t beat the smell). A taxi driver in China, an amazing chef in a small town in North Carolina – I will always keep making stories about them. And if they share their food with me, even better.


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Elle Eten – Lao Gan Ma

Wij gooien hagelslag in de kofferbak als we richting Zuid-Frankrijk reizen, Chinezen nemen dit potje pittige chilipasta mee naar vreemde oorden. Wie is deze dame in keukenschort? En waarom is ze zo verslavend?

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De Namasté man

In mijn vaste koffietent ontmoette ik de Namasté man. Sindsdien moet ik helaas een andere werkplek zoeken.

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Preparing for Art Creation

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The simple yet irresistible pulled pork from butcher Edward.